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Andrew Njenga

Andrew is an associate in the dispute resolution and litigation department, Nairobi Office. He holds a Bachelors of Law Degree from the University of Liverpool and Post Graduate Diploma from Kenya School of Law. He recently graduated from the University of London with a Masters in Global Diplomacy. He is a certified professional mediator and has experience in Alternate Dispute Resolution. He is a diligent advocate with a collected head, always paying close attention to detail.

He has a wealth of experience in environment and land litigation, civil litigation, negotiation whilst representing local and international clients in various courts and tribunals.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution; Civil and Commercial Litigation; Employment and Labour Relations; Environment and Land Litigation; Insolvency; Judicial Review and Administrative Law; Legal Audits.


  • Currently involved in a land disputes valued at over US$400,000 and US$1,500,000 Overseeing a debt collection claim of US$300,000 and US$130,000.
Andrew Njenga GVA Associate
Mr. Andrew Njenga